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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

VIEW: Redwood Coast Painting Website Complete

Robert Gibbs has created a company, Redwood Coast Painting, that provides competent, clean and reliable painting services to home and business owners. He specifically wanted his website to look as clean as his completed paint jobs. We chose an understated, almost classical look for Robert's website that is still approachable and friendly.

I was able to learn enough about Redwood Coast Painting to write most of the copy and even requested testimonials from Robert's client so that he could keep doing what he does best... running a successful painting company.

 Here's Robert's testimonial:

 "When my website disappeared from the internet, I asked for an estimate from Beehive Design Studio to replace it. I was reluctant to take this project on because the experience I had with my former web designer was less than ideal.

However, it was very different working with Brenda. She was organized, responsive and made the process very easy. I am so pleased with my website.

And apparently it’s is coming up higher on search engines. As soon as it was up, I started getting an average of three new calls a week just from the website! It has helped my business grow and was absolutely worth the money spent on it.

I can’t recommend Beehive Design Studio highly enough!"

— Robert Gibbs, Owner, Redwood Coast Painting

View Robert's website here.

Contact me for a free estimate on a new website designed specifically to get your more clients.


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