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Monday, March 16, 2015

VIEW: A Muscian's Site Up and Running

Guno Ronde is a professional bass and keyboard player that has played with legendary musicians from Tito Puente, to Cyril Neville to Willy Nelson.

In relocating from Austin, Texas to California, he was looking for a way to reach out to high caliber musicians that will hire him for touring or studio work. Although he realized that a website is an important tool that would help him reach his goals, it seemed like a daunting task. Together, we completed his site in less than a week. Not only is he please with the results, but his site has been admired by many of his fellow musicians.

Although he plays many styles of music, he wanted to avoid being pigeon holed into one genre. So we decided to go with a look that was void of any one particular musical direction and to focus on his range of abilities and professionalism.

I wrote the website and edited and enhanced the photos used. His site is responsive and looks great on mobile devices as well as a standard monitor. It is also much easier to look at then many visually complex band websites.

View Guno's website here.

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